Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seventeen years ago...

was the day after Super Bowl XXVI. The Washington Redskins defeated the Buffalo Bills 37-24. We were pulling for the Redskins on January 26th, but the next day we were celebrating something much better...the birth of Sarah Clare...better known as Sally! Her birth was a planned C-section, so we all gathered at Mary Black and anxiously awaited her arrival. We couldn't wait to see this little girl. I remember looking through the glass at her and jumping for joy with Aunt Pam! She was so beautiful and with each passing year she has grown more beautiful! Here are 17 reasons I love my Sal-Gal...

1. She is a wonderful daughter. While she doesn't always agree with her Mama & Daddy, she honors them with her obedience!
2. She is a great sister and sister in law. She is always willing to help them...especially shopping for her 2 brothers!
3. She is going to be a wonderful aunt to Mary Alice. Sally, you will be the COOL aunt!
4. She doesn't want to go into education! Good girl!
5. She is an excellent student and works hard at it!
6. She is a great friend.
7. She loves to shop and shop and shop...
8. She knows how to accessorize. She is the fashion icon in our family.
9. She loves to eat at Wades. She was raised right!
10. Even though she was the only girl in our family for 16 years and spoiled rotten by all of us, you would never know it.
11. She loves her beagle Daisy! If I had not fallen in love with Daisy, there would be no Molly!
12. She knows how to power nap.
13. She has put up with the ridule and teasing of 2 brothers and 2 cousins for 17 years..."mullett baby" & "sally cat" are but two of the favorite nicknames.
14. She has a great sense of humor...it comes out at the greatest times...see this post for proof!
15. She is very loving to Ma and Grandad.
16. She is the most gorgeous, sweetest niece her Aunt Pam and I could have ever hoped for.
17. She loves the Lord and is actively involved in serving Him.

Enjoy a few pictures from our celebration

Sally and Emma

Enjoying supper from Wade'sAnna Camille is checking out the pictures from Sally's Sweet Sixteen!Blowing out the candles on her Key Lime Birthday Pie!

A picture of all the princesses in our family!


Summer Laney said...

Hope Sally had a great birthday!

Rhonda said...

Thanks for the VB link!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sally! Joye

Stacy said...

Hope she had a great birthday!!
She sounds like a wonderful young woman!