Sunday, January 4, 2009

Funny pictures!

These are my favorite funny pictures....

Whenever we get together someone always falls asleep on Mama's couch. This is one reason you might want to stay awake. Sally is giving Uncle Bob a hard time and entertaining us all in the process.

Sorry, Bob! I just couldn't resist!

This is Daisy, aka Crazy Daisy or Daisy Mae. I have titled this one "LL Cool Mae". Daisy is Sally's dog and the reason I got a beagle. She is hilarious. I am not sure Mae knows she is a dog. I remember laughing at my brother in law John on Christmas morning when he made the statement Daisy would be an outside dog. Yea, right...just like Molly is! :)

Here's a picture of Daisy at the kitchen table. She looks right at home, huh?
Can you believe Joye caught me with my mouth open? Imagine that! :)
This is for all my AMRBC buddies...this is Ray being Ray. He does a pretty mean Brian impression.


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Alison said...

I love these pictures! :)

Stacy said...

Corey is the one to always fall asleep. We once put lipstick on him!