Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our litte angels are growing....

Just wanted to share some of the lastest pictures of our little girls. They are growing and learning so fast. They all bring such joy and happiness to our family and we love to spend time with them!
AC is the oldest by three weeks. She turned two in November. Some of her favorite things are milk, Mickey Mouse and colored pencils. EK turned two in December. Some of her favorite things are "prinpess" (princess) things, cheeseburgers and MOLLY! :)
She is modeling a "juju make" outfit. This was one of their Christmas presents from me.MA was ten months on January 9th. Some of her favorite things are music, cruising the furniture and wearing wigs. (you had to be there!)


Joye said...

Can't believe how quickly they are growing! They are just beautiful!!!

Stacy said...

There are so cute!!! I love that outfit too:)