Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mary Alice!

Hey everybody...let's go meet my new cousin, Mary Alice!Here she is in the nursery.Check out her long legs!She was taking a nice nap! Our family just keeps getting bigger and bigger!Daddy is already a pro at taking care of Mary Alice!
Aunt Sally is checking out Mary Alice's hat with the pink bow!
GeGe is totally smitten with Mary Alice!

"Dat" is what I said when I saw Mary Alice. I can't wait to play with her!
I need to call Anna Camille and tell her about our new cousin!
We had fun at Sticky Fingers too!

We love you, Mary Alice. We are so thankful God chose us to be a part of your family.
You are another one of His greatest creations! He is GOOD.


Jennifer said...

Congrats on the new baby she is beautiful just like her cousins and all the rest of the family... You are truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

Mary Alice is beautiful!!! I think she looks like Patrick. Mary Alice, you are so blessed to have such an awesome family. I know that you are already well loved. Joye H

Stacy said...

Oh Julie,
She is adorable! You have a beautiful family! Congrats to everyone!

Summer Laney said...

She is too cute!! I can't wait to go down to meet her!! Glad everyone is doing good!!!

KJA said...

We need to buy your family a bunch of TV's. Multiply and prosper and ya'll mean it. LOL She is a beauty.