Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We're in love!

Thanks, Aunt Kelly for all these great pictures!What a beautiful little face! When I look at her God shouts to me that He is still in the business of miracles! She is a precious gift directly from His Hand.
The Grahams!I love this picture. I am so proud of Patrick. He is going to be a great Daddy!
Mommy and Mary Alice. She is one blessed little girl.Aunt Sally
Uncle Ben

GeGe and Grandaddy
GeGe is in love!
Check out these feet! ;)
Day Two....
Daddy changing his first dirty diaper!
He looks like a pro already!
Too bad no one loves her! ;)
Pretty Mommy and Mary Alice
I adore this picture of Aunt Sally & Mary Alice. Sally is planning to be a nurse and wants to work with the babies. I believe she will be a natural! She is so good with babies and children. It's hard to believe she is old enough to be thinking about college! It seems like just yesterday we were holding her like this!
The proud grandparents!


Stacy said...

All of the pictures are so cute but my fav is the one of her tiny feet:)