Friday, January 9, 2009

Toes, 20 bucks and Jesus

I have a little self-indulgence I will never give up. I love to get a pedicure! There is a hair salon right up the street from my house. I walk there once a month to get my toes done. There is no big fancy chair and the "foot spa" is one from Wal-Mart, but I wouldn't go anywhere else because with every pedi comes great conversation about Jesus. As she massages those tired dogs and works on your toes, she is constantly talking about how good He is. We talk about what God is doing in our churches and we talk about our prayers concerns. I love to talk with her about heaven! She always asks about how my Daddy is doing. As I sat in her chair yesterday, the story of the Last Supper came to my mind. The Lord of the universe stopping to serve those who deserved it the least....a job that surely requires you to set aside all pride and clothe yourself in humility. Lord, help me to be a "foot washer" and throw aside the pride in my life that keeps me from serving just as you did.

Best 20 bucks I spend all month!