Thursday, January 22, 2009

This may surprise you....

Those of you who know me well will recognize readily that there is not an athletic bone in my body! If you don't know me, trust me, I can fall walking through the living room. Clumsy is my middle name. But as unathletic as I am, I do love to watch college sports.

While I love football and was raised as a God fearing South Carolina Gamecock, my favorite sport is college basketball. I love the rise and fall of the game. Your team can be down by 20 points and the momentum shifts and your team fights and claws back into the lead. It really is not good for the blood pressure or Molly's ears when I watch MY team play!

Whose is MY team??Tyler Hansbrough...never gives up....

Disclaimer: I am the only one in my family who pulls for the Heels.
All the rest of the crowd pulls for this team:

I pray for them daily! ;)

I am already looking forward to the end of March for 2 reasons.

1. A precious little baby girl named Mary Alice is due to arrive.

2. March Madness!!!

Please note that I did not mention the defeat of a certain team in orange last night. Oh, no, not me!


Stacy said...

Great not me!! I just can't seem to get into basketball. I have just started watching football because Kain loves it.

Alison said...

We are also looking forward to March for reason number one and two but GO BLUE DEVILS!!!

Although we did pull for your heels last night! I never want to see orange win! :)

Can't wait to see ya this weekend!

April said...

Not a good night at the Nicholsons. Our blood runs
orange :)