Monday, January 19, 2009

Dare I say it....

Snow? After enjoying a throughly relaxing looooooong weekend, dare I ask for another day? There's nothing like waking up at 5:00am for the first newscast and anxiously awaiting for Spartanburg School District One to scroll across the screen! The next greatest joy is being able to pile up and the couch and go back to sleep! Snow days are also can't go anywhere, so there is no reason to feel guilty for not going anywhere or doing anything! Besides playing in the snow, there are so many things I love to do like....enjoying a mug full of hot chocolate, reading a good book, playing the piano, working on something crafty or watching a good movie.

I have already been to the store for the milk and bread, so I am ready. I just hope I'm not disappointed!

Now I lay me down to sleep,
Lord, could you send some snow just for me?
It would be great if it were so deep,
That it hit me on the knee!
A day or two would be great,
No school for me is what I want from Thee!

Sorry. The forecast of snow make me a little giddy!


Susan said...

I love the poem/prayer Julie! I would have been praying the same thing, but I'm on maternity leave -but only for a few more weeks. I hope you enjoyed your day off!