Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary & Happy Birthday!

On August 12th, Alice and John celebrated their 30th anniversary. Thirty years, 3 children, and one grandchild on the way and they are still going strong. The picture is from their children. What a great idea. It has the wedding invitation in the middle and 2 pics from the wedding. Boy, we were all really young back then! :)

We gave them a monogrammed acrylic tray and fixed a celebration supper! We used real plates and everything and had a great time!

Crystal's birthday was on Sunday. We had supper together Saturday to help her celebrate! I am coveting your sandals! We love you, Crystal!

Here are the precious ones having fun at the party!


Crystal said...

Thanks for the wonderful birthday celebration. I love my sandals. They are so comfortable!! Hope your first days with the students are going well. Mine start tomorrow:(

Megie said...

Congratulations and very best wishes to everyone.

I'm so sorry I didn't get to see those sandals, they must be something else.

Those girls are really growing! So sweet.