Thursday, August 28, 2008

Way to go, District One!

Campobello, SC – During the recent Back to School Inservice held at Chapman High School on Friday, August 18, 2008, Ms. Kym Cole, American Cancer Society’s Region Three Manager, presented a plaque to Dr. Littlefield, Superintendent, on behalf of Relay for Life, naming Spartanburg District One Schools as the number one district in the state of South Carolina for raising the most contributions in 2008. Plaques were also presented to each school and the District One Administrative Offices for the outstanding job they did in the Relay for Life campaign in raising $52,768. Included is a photo of O.P. Earle Elementary School team who was the number one school contributor in the district by raising $9,200.00. North Spartanburg Coordinator and Principal’s Assistant for O.P. Earle Elementary School, Ms. Julie Settle said,
“It is a humbling experience for me as a cancer survivor to be involved and receive the outstanding support from our communities, especially from District One Schools. Together we were able to make a difference in this fight against cancer.”

Dr. Littlefield said, “It was amazing to see the number of fund raising activities going on across our district supporting Relay for Life. The district team leaders worked so hard in each of our schools. I receive this plaque today on behalf of all the employees of District One Schools for their drive, ambition and commitment in supporting Relay for Life. If one life can be saved from our contribution, it will be well worth it!”


Summer Laney said...

Congratulations!! What a great honor!!

KJA said...

Woo Hoo. I am sure this is just another reason why Shelley will not move out of District 1 closer to the LAKE.