Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day Six!

Highlights from Day 6:

  • A delicious lunch prepared by Mary & Ismael. Their hospitality was such a blessing to us during the week.
  • Finishing our part of the house. To see God take our little offering of availability & take us from a concrete foundation to a "real" house was overwhelming. All the glory goes to Him!
  • Getting to present Martha, our homeowner with a Spanish Bible, a World Changers sign autographed by our crew & World Changers bandanna. There was a visible difference in Martha's demeanor on Friday. Please continue to pray for her...she lost her son a year ago to lukemia and has one son who lives on the streets...she doesn't know where he is. Pray God will continue to send people to water the seeds of the gospel that were planted this week.
  • Praying with many people in the neighborhood...so much sadness and grief. Each person we prayed for had lost someone significant in their lives...a mother, a son...or were experiencing illness themselves. It was a privilege to stand in the gap for them.
  • Maria...through a relationship formed through a chain link fence a new sister in Christ entered the Kingdom. Please pray that God will send believers to Maria to help her grow in her new life. This one moment was worth it all!