Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Five!

Highlights from Day Five..

  • When we arrived on site, the "roof fairies" had finished the beams for our roof! Yea!! One of the Puerto Rican crews did the rafters while we were enjoying an afternoon off.
  • Talking with the neighborhood children. They were so sweet. They loved being around our site. We brought bubbles, crayons, and coloring books to give out. They loved them.
  • Just making it through the day. This one was the hardest for me. I hit the wall!
  • Watching our crew members conquer their fears and work on the roof. They were awesome.
  • Worship Thursday night was awesome. There was a big wooden cross set up at the front with candles all around it. Each student was blindfolded. Then every adult was given 3-4 students from their youth to lead into the worship area to the altar and we prayed for them. It was awesome. The whole service was very moving and meaningful. Lots of prayers, worship and praise. It was a night I will never forget.


Andrea said...

I enjoyed reading about your mission trip. I can't wait to hear more details. We leave on ours to Seattle on July 26. Isn't God good?

KJA said...

Aren't mission trips awesome!!!!!
It is a feeling never experienced any where else on earth than to be able to help through God's power. By the way, great flip flop's. Good thing it is girlie or Jed would have them on his background.

jkstrib said...

Misson trips are indescribable, life changing events. It is truly amazing how God can use the little we bring to do amazing things for His glory! Andrea, I am praying for you!