Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm almost ready!

  • I've picked up my duffle bag and carry on. They are really cool. Thanks, Bucky! I think I can get all my stuff in there and have room to spare. Those of you who know me well, quit laughing! :)
  • I bought some fashionable work gloves & safety glasses.
  • I also bought some 70 sunscreen, a hat to try and keep my nose from getting fried & some shoes to work in.
  • I have started to lay out my clothes in between getting ready for VBS tonight. (I am teaching the Bible story to 2nd graders & 5 yr olds..quite an adventure!)
  • Only three more days...we will be leaving Spartanburg at 3:00 am on Saturday morning!

I will post a schedule in the next couple of days. Please be praying for us. We will be doing construction while we are there. I checked the temp in Juana Diaz and it is actually a little cooler there! Hope there's a strong breeze!

Happy Birthday to my precious friend, Matt Matt! I hope you enjoy your day!

Happy Anniversary to the following:

  1. Rob & Andrea on May 27th (ok..I'm a little behind!) (3yrs)
  2. Pam & Bob today (31 years!)
  3. Patrick & Ali today (2 years!)
  4. Matt & Crystal tomorrow (3 yrs!)


Alison said...

Thanks JuJu.. We are praying for you to have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Joye said...I am so impressed that it is Tuesday and you have started to get ready! Way to go, Ju Ju! I pray that you guys have an awesome time and that the Lord will shine through each of you and the work that you will be doing. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Ti-um R. said...

Fashionable WORK gloves and safety glasses? Did you happen to get the "pretty in pink" tool belt to complete your "look"?


You are too funny geerlfreend!

May your work be blessed and your blisters be few!

Love You!

jkstrib said...

Actually my work gloves are a lovely shade of yellow and my safety glasses are not the kind with the elastic band...that might mess my hair up! ;) Where do I find the pink toolbelt??