Thursday, December 6, 2007

I copied Jed!

1. Wrapping paper or bags?..... Both...i try to wrap as much as possible in my color coordinated wrapping paper
2. Real tree or Artificial? sanity is important to me....prelit artificial is the way to go
3. When do you put up your tree? Usually Thanksgiving weekend but it is still not up yet...I am running behind.
4. Do you like egg nog? No. I think it stinks!
5. Hardest Person to buy for?.....all the men in our family
7. Worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received?.....a giant pink dog shaped plastic bank
8. Best Gift?..... I love all gifts...i am really easy to please. probably my favorites are those from my nephews and Sally when they were in elementary school and went to the Santa Shop
9. Have you ever recycled a Christmas gift?..... Actually did that today....I agree with Jed...share the wealth so it won't gather dust!
10. Favorite Christmas Movie?..... Christmas Vacation and Miracle on 34th Street
11. Favorite Thing to Eat at Christmas?...sausage balls and ham delights
12. Clear lights or colored?..... Colored this year....bought a new tree after Christmas last year...didn't realize until this summer it was colored lights...oh, was cheap!
13. Favorite Christmas Song?....Silent Night & Let It Snow
14. Angel or Star on top of your tree?..... Neither…a great big ole bow
15. Open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?.....Christmas morning
16. Most annoying thing about this time of year?..... TRAFFIC!!!!
17. When do you star shopping?....I shop all year to help with the budget
18. Do you attend Christmas Parades?.....Have not been to one since my last parade as a band director!!
19. Do you send Christmas cards?.....very rarely...I have good intentions...but never quite make it happen.
20. What do you want for Christmas?.....Nuttin' really...I have what I need!

Now go read how Jed answered his.......


Megie said...

Here's mine;

1 -Bags
2 -Real but we have an artificial
3 -Day after Thanksgiving
4 -NO!!
5 -Ronnie
6 -Meredith(JU-JU forgot #6)
7 -Ugly sweater
8 -Doll House
9 -Yes, a couple of times
10-Christmas On Walton's Mountain
11-Turkey and Dressing
13-The First Noel
15-Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
16-Shopping,Crowds,Rude People
17-When we get the xtra $$
18-The smaller,local ones
19-Sometimes but, not this year
20-My family to be happy-healthy-and safe at home.


Jed said...

I am so proud you copied me!!!