Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Message from Randy...

Good morning!!
I wanted to share this email from Randy Vader with you. Randy is the composer of There Is Peace in the World Tonight. Thank you Diane for loving us enough to share with him about us!

Dear Julie –

I was speaking with Diane Hall this afternoon and she was telling me about your rehearsal Wednesday evening. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your ministry this Christmas through THERE IS PEACE IN THE WORLD TONIGHT. This is our 35th musical and each one has had its own story as we developed the basic themes. So many times the work ended up so differently than we thought it would – and we knew that the Lord had His hand on it – and that was all that mattered. This work started out the same way – it even had a different title. I just felt led to change the title on the way home from a meeting in Nashville last December. I wrote the lyrics to the opening chorus while driving (one of my few moments of multi-tasking) – called Jay and by the time I got home we had a whole new direction – and I know it was the direction God pointed us in. God’s promise of peace is real. Jesus told us the Truth in John 14:28!

To our friends in the choir – thank you for your prayers and for your willingness to minister to your community in music. I pray that God will multiply your talents beyond your imagination and skill – that you will experience the abundant miracle of loaves and fishes. I know you know first hand the desire for peace in the midst of loss and pain – this is the kind of peace only God gives. Thanks be to God for a peace that we do not have to analyze or understand. He said He would give us peace that went beyond all of that – that was His peace – that is our Peace.

I pray that God will give all of you back the time you spend away from your family this December. And Julie, I pray that in the middle of an impossible schedule you will find some quiet time around the manger . . .and see many of your church family there as well – sometimes you have to work to get there, but it is always worth the journey.

Merry Christmas – there is Peace in the world tonight!

Randy Vader
John 14:6