Tuesday, October 9, 2007

October Birthdays!

October in our family is like Christmas...most everyone gets a present!

First October birthday belongs to Patrick, my youngest nephew on October 6th. He turned 24 on Saturday. It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying him as Phil Collins and the Karate King...Rico...you know what picture I am talking about...it is my favorite of you! Now he is married to a wonderful young woman (we love you, Ali) and they are living on their own in Lexington. I am so proud of you. I thank God you have found a church home and you are actively serving the Lord there. I love you very much and I hope you enjoyed a wonderful birthday. (Thanks, Kelly for the pic!)

The following day, my sister and Patrick's mom celebrates her birthday. I will not divulge her age lest she kill me the next time she sees me. She is still a young chick in my eyes! Alice is the mother of three wonderful children and wife to a wonderful husband, John. She is ALWAYS on the go!!! She is a teacher in the multi-handicapped school at the SC School for the Deaf and Blind, where she was teacher of the year last year. Alice is a mission minded person. She is passionate about it. She has traveled overseas several times on mission trips and is deeply committed to many minstries at Southside. She is a great sister and friend. She has prayed me through many situations and I am so glad God chose me to be one of her sisters. Love you, girl!

The next birthday belongs to nephew number three, Matt. He will turn 25 on October 10th. Matt Matt, as he is affectionately known, is one of the smartest people I know. He and his lovely wife (we love you, Crystal) live in Columbia. Matt is in med school and has started his residency. He is a very sleep deprived 25 yr. old! Some of my favorite memories of Matt are his "punk rock" hair that would never lay down no matter what his mama tried and his many "inventions"! Matt is also going to be a new daddy in January. Check out the countdown to Emma Katherine's due date at the bottom of my blog. I know Matt will be a great Daddy because he patient, kind and loving. I love you, Matt Matt and I am very proud of you.

The last one to celebrate is Pam on October 21st. Pam is Matt's mom. I will forego the age revelation because she would give me a whipping if I told. She too, is a young chick in my eyes. I hope I got the same genes. Pam is the mother of two wonderful sons and wife to a wonderful husband, Bob. She is the soon to be "Mimi" of Anna Camille and Emma Katherine. To say she is excited would be an understatement! Pam is the media specialist at Cannons Elementary. This is her LAST year before she retires, right Pam???? She was also the teacher of the year a few years back. Can you tell I have big steps to follow in? Pam is also deeply committed to many ministries at Southside. She has traveled to Kentucky to participate in mission work there and serves regularly in the nursery. When the Lord gave out sisters, I got the best two. She is also not only my sister, but my friend. Pam is a wonderful example in my life and has also prayed her sisters through many things.

We are so blessed as a family. I thank God for each of the them (and those to come!) each day. I love you all very, very much!


alison said...

We love you too JuJu!!! God has really blessed me(Ali) with a great "new" family. I love being a part your family!

Sterling said...

you know i read your blog juju...it was 2 in the morning, please forgive me :)

Anonymous said...

You are right...you do have a wonderful family and I am glad that the Lord blessed me by allowing me to call you all friends! Joye

Matt and Crystal said...

You are too sweet. We love reading your blog. It is scary to look at the countdown to Emma Katherine!!!! We love you!