Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thou, O Lord

I have fallen in love with this song. The main reason I love it, is because it is Scripture...the Holy Word of God. God promises His Word will not return void.

Here is what it speaks to me...I am reminded of times I have felt like there were enemies on all sides attacking me. They laughed at my circumstances saying there is no way God can help you. But Thou, O Lord, You are a shield all around me. I am protected from all sides! No enemy can catch You off guard. You are ever watching and protecting. You are the Glorious One who lifts my head to stand firm in You. Lord, when I cry to You, You hear and You answer in my best interest from Your holy hill. Lord, in times of intense distress, I can lay down and sleep in peace for You never sleep and You sustain me through each day and night. God, You are my Strong Deliverer! In You will I trust.Let's make this participatory. I love to learn from the saints around me. Read and reflect on Psalm 3. What does it speak to your heart???


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I read Psalm 3 on your blog today! I have had a horrible day!! Someone told my principal that I was RUDE to her! Now I admit that I might have been, but I sure didn't mean to be! Anyway, it caused a big hoohaw here and I have been on the verge of tears all day long.
Then I read verse 7 which reads, "strike all my enemies on the jaw, break the teeth of the wicked." I died laughing!! The Psalmist must have a day like mine!! God always understands!!
See you tonight!!