Thursday, September 13, 2007

School Sounds

I am sitting here at my desk listening to all the "school sounds" going on around me. This is what I hear....

lockers shutting (actually slamming!)
the intercom
feet moving quickly in the hallway
teachers getting ready for dismissal
the copy machine in the office
the walkie on my waist going off

What do you remember about your school are a few of mine....

  • Being scared to death of Mrs. Bannister, my 2nd grade teacher...don't really remember why though!
  • My fifth grade teacher watching soap operas and crying
  • She also took her wig off when it got hot and dared us to laugh at her.
  • Being a safety patrol and wearing the belt thingy & badge
  • Those HORRIBLE one piece PE uniforms...the top was red stripe & the bottoms were not flattering!
  • Sitting on the steps of Central Middle School thinking we were cool
  • Talking our 10th grade Eng teacher into letting us go to lunch early every day
  • Fish for lunch every Friday
  • Going down the hill to the band room
  • Pep rallies, band practice & band trips....Elvis died my Sr year while we were at band camp!
  • The Winter Ball (winter was a Union thing)
  • The Prom...the hit song of the night was "She's a Brick House"...we begged the DJ to play it over and over!
Ok...this is a participatory post...what do you remember about being in school??? I can't wait to read your comments. Have a great afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I remember hoping that it would end soon!! Seriously, I remember my 6th grade teacher at Fairforest Middle, Mrs. Barnette. I learned so many life lessons from her. She will ALWAYS be one of those teachers that truly had an impact and made a difference in my life. I know that you guys in the education field get frustrated. BUT YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE and I applaud you! Joye

Anonymous said...

My 4th grade class was huge. When walking down the hall, our principal would call us Pharoah's army.
My graduating class was large also with over 600.

kelly said...

Playing "school" in my mom's classroom after school with my sister. I was the teacher (of course!) and I bossed her around all afternoon! :-)

ps- I bet you heard me saying, "Bus riders, get in a line!!!" this after noon at school.

Jed said...

I LOVED MY 6th grade band teacher!!!!!!!

I did NOT like my 2nd grade teacher!!!

My favorite thing ever in school was the busy box... I was in first grade, and it was a box filled with our old worksheets... on freetime we could get as many as we wanted... I used to take them home just for fun... I know Im a dork... but it was fun!!!!!

Megie said...

The smell of crayons. That big thick drawing paper. School lunches..., especially the yeast rolls.I grew up in Cayce, SC near West Columbia so we had pine trees and white sand on the playground and it was always hot! Kickball and jump rope and throwing pine cones. Standing in the corner for talking. Standing in the hall for talking. My 4th grade teacher (Mrs. Long).

alison said...

Kelly not only was the teacher, she was a bossy teacher! :) I guess I learned from the best! :) See ya on THURSDAY AT THE BEACH!

Chris said...

things I remember about school...hmmmm

5th grade art of my paintings was chosen by the principle to hang in his office all year long.

Carrying my Upright Bass on the bus to and from school from 4th grade to 6th grade. That was a chore.

Switching instuments and learning to play the trombone.

Causing Mr. Jones to break so many directing battons (guess thats what you call it) in band class that we lost count.

Being voted most talented in 9th grade...I will have to dig out my pictures sometime.

Breaking my ankle and wearing a full length leg cast for 9 weeks!

Being able to drive to school my last 2 weeks in 9th grade!

Being placed in AP Chemistry and AP History in 10th grade. I was lost in chemistry and had to change classes, but actually made a B in the history class.

Having 3 of my 11th grade sculptures into a statewide contest and actually winning with 2 of them. My sculptures went to a national final and I didn't win, but it was still awesome to be there.

Too many stories to tell about my CAD class at Daniel Morgan Vocational Center.

Last one....going to 6 different prom's...I think that might be some kid of record. I was the man wasn't I???!!! :-)