Thursday, June 7, 2007

My home for the next week...

This is where I will suffering through next week. Oh my! I am ready to go! I haven't packed the first thing, but come Sunday morning that Red Explorer will be headed towards Florida!!! I hope you have a great time of worship. I promise I will be praising the Lord for His gracious gift of a vacation spent with some of my precious family. Jed will do an awesome job of leading worship and Shirls will also as she leads the choir. Remember our borrowed motto...In town, in choir....please make every effort to sing for both services. We need everyone present and accounted for. You will be in my prayers. Enjoy your 2 weeks off...after that it is on for Aug. 15th....Love ya, mean it!



alison said...

JuJu I hope ya'll have a great time! You all deserve a great relaxing week! I hope you don't get too much beer! :) See ya on Father's Day and be careful.
Love ya