Sunday, June 10, 2007

Celebrating 30 Years....

Thirty years ago, I was 17 and getting ready for my senior year in high school.
On June 10, 1977, my sister Pam married Bob.
Today, they will be boarding a cruise ship to celebrate 30 years of wedded bliss.

Have fun!!!

Last Sunday, their children gave them a party to celebrate...

Here they are opening cards and gifts.
Bob is practicing being a grandad with his great niece Hannah!

Here are all nephews and of course precious Sally.
From L to R:
Patrick works for a landscaping company in Lexington.
Rob is a real estate appraiser and agent here in Spartanburg.
Matt is in medical school in Columbia.
Ben is in graduate school at Clemson.
Our "baby" Sally will be in the 10th grade at DHS!

Mama and Daddy with all of their grandchildren.
You can see our boys married well!
From L to R:
Rob & Andrea (expecting in Dec.),
Patrick & Ali, and
Matt & Crystal (expecting in Jan.) BTW, Happy Anniversary on Monday to you!
Grandad, Ma & Sally.

Today is significant for another reason....Last year Patrick & Alison were married on June 10th!
Happy First Anniversary!

See you on the 17th! Have a great week!
Love Ya, Mean It!



alison said...

Thanks JuJu.. We love you!