Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How high is your God?

Psalm 92

DJ has been preaching a great series on worship on Wednesday night. Tonight his text was Psalm 92. Click the link above to read this psalm. He asked the question, "How high is your God?" The height of your God will determine the height of your worship...

He explained the central theme of the psalm was the exaltation of God by acknowledging God is on His throne, recognizing God is on His throne and that they way we live our lives reflects God is on His throne. We are to worship in exaltation. Lifting God up high and exalting Him.

Verses 6-7, 9 talk about God's moral rule of the world...With all the bad things happening in the world around us it causes us to think if God is still in control and we allow our view of the world to deplete our worship. But we have to remind ourselves and acknowledge He is still in control and is sovreign.

Verses 4-5; 10-11 talk about God's exalted people...We exalt God when we recognize how far God has exalted us. He had given us every thing we need.

Verses 1-3; 12-15 talks about unfailing praise due to such a God...Corporate worship should not be the only time we sing to the Lord!

Here are two statements that have stuck in my head tonight...

1. It's hard to live in sin with a heart that's always worshipping.
2. Christians age and grow old like everyone, but a heart of worship never grows old. (v 14-15)

How high is your God? Is He seated on the throne of your life?? What does your life and worship reflect about where He sits??

This is GOOD stuff, folks. Come on Wednesday nights. You will get a blessing. A special shout out to Frank for being willing to take a risk tonight. I appreciated your help!