Monday, June 11, 2007

Vacation is a wonderful thing...

Daytona Beach is nothing like I remember it! ;)...but then, it's been almost 40+ years! For a South Carolinian who compares all beaches either to Edisto or Myrtle...Daytona falls somewhere in between. The place we are staying is AWESOME. Oceanfront with a BEAUTIFUL view of the wake up in the morning and look right out of your bedroom window at the doesn't get any better than this! Those of you who know me well, know I LOVE the beach. Thanks Mama and Daddy for allowing us to use one of your weeks.

We are having a great time enjoying each other, relaxing, working on the tan, eating and even a little shopping. What else is a great vacation for.

Thanks to Jed and Shirley for filling in for me! I really appreciate it!

Pray for Molly...she is spending the week at the doggy motel aka the vet! :(


Jed said...

Julie... If I mis you know and you are just in Daytona.... How am I gonna survive in the Philippines.... Church was great Sunday... Thanks for the privilege.... On a different note, I hope that you take full advantage of that lazy river.... Use that "quiet time" to pray for Matt and I... We NEED it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You know I am sooo jealous! I remember as a little girl going to Daytona Beach every year for vacation. We would drive all night and when we would get there, we would park on the drive and wait until our room was ready! What memories!! Hope you have a restful vacation! JH

alison said...

I hope ya'll are having fun! I am so jealous of you laying out on the beach! We painted this week so you can come see our house now!
See ya Sunday!