Monday, May 21, 2007

The Little Red Wagon

Who would have ever thought God could use a red wagon to become a stone of remembrance???? I saw it three times yesterday and each time was just as powerful. Our "future" contributed almost $6000 to the Time is Now...our God is at work. I can't wait to see what other amazing things He has in store for AMRBC. How great is our God....

I hope you have a great Monday. It's the last workday Monday for me. You gotta love summer vacation! Thanks for your continued care, concern and prayers for my Dad. We have seen some improvement over the past few days. He sat up most of the day yesterday! Now if we could just interest him in eating...Ray and Teresa, he enjoyed your visit so much! Thanks for stopping in to see him. I am sorry I missed you. Joye, when I left last night he was listening to the Gaithers. He LOVES the CD's!!

Well, I am off to give the last of the PACT makeups. Can't wait! Pray I can stay awake!!! :)