Wednesday, April 4, 2007

What a day!

I experienced something brand new yesterday. I was 40 feet off the ground :0 on a scissor lift like the one on the left with my friend Chris Lewis hanging curtains in the windows of the CLC. (There were witnesses to see my feat of bravery!) It was a blast. I can't wait for you to see the CLC. The transformation is fantastic.

Be sure to thank our mastermind planner Chris...this one is his baby from conception to reality. We are blessed to have such a godly man with such a servant's heart. Chris sacrificed a day of work to get all this accomplished. I am so thankful the Lord has chosen for him to serve at AMRBC. Pray for his wife Carol and their baby...Spencer is acting like he might be ready to make his appearance a little early. Chris has LOTS on his, job, new baby, church commitments, chairmen of the deacons....whew...makes me tired just thinking about all that!!!! And he does all this with the sweetest spirit...thank you, Lord for our brother!

Have a great Wednesday night off! Enjoy! YOU DESERVE IT!

Orchestra, I will see you tomorrow night and you can enjoy a night off next week. YOU DESERVE IT TOO!

Love ya, mean it!


KJA said...

Mr. Lewis is one of my greatest inspirations of sacrifice along with you Ju-Ju! Thank God for the hard work you both put into our ministry. I Love ya'll both! Good luck Papa Lewis with the new "precious" that is on the way.:-)