Monday, May 18, 2009

Jake the Snake

Ask anyone who knows me well...knows I LOVE dogs. We have always been a dog family. We were laughing the other night about all the dogs we have had in our family. In fact, everyone in our family has a dog and they are members of the family. Ben's dog is Jake. He is the most laid back beagle around. I call him Jake the Snake because it rhymes, but also because he can surprise you sometimes. He has been known to relieve himself on Mama's dining room table arrangement (it was sitting on the floor at the time), chew up flip flops, and leave his master little "presents" in the guest room floor. Jake joined us for our Mother's Day celebration and I snapped several pictures of him. He is just a good ole dog! Jake is always a happy boy!Daddy loves dogs and they love him. He gives good ear rubs and back scratches! A beagle's nose is always on the scent of something! Sweet boy!
Nothing like a great roll in the grass!

Rob and Jake bonding!