Friday, March 6, 2009

AMRBC Ribbon Cutting!

On Wednesday night, we cut the ribbon to enter our new building for the first worship service. I "borrowed" these pictures off of Stacy's blog! Yea, Stacy for bringing your camera!! It was an exciting night for all of us. Anderson Mill Road is a very young Southern Baptist Church on the westside of Spartanburg. Click here to read the history of our church.

Pastor DJ warming up the crowd!Pastor DJ and Mrs. Sara Loudermilk. Mrs. Sara's husband, Rev. Floyd Loudermilk had a dream to start a church to serve the west side of Spartanburg. In 1988, He and 32 others met in his living room to make this dream a reality and the journey of AMRBC began.
Mrs. Sara cutting the ribbon.
A picture of our new choir loft! God has a mighty plan for our church. I can't wait to see people come to know the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in our new facility. On Wednesday night, three people were saved in our first service. GOD IS GOOD!


Stacy said...

I never leave my camera at It was so exciting on Wednesday night.I can't wait for Sunday morning!

Chris said...

I can't wait either...It's gonna be awesome to see that room full...faster than we think!! I just have to practice our music so I don't choke tomorrow like I did in practice tuesday night.

Anonymous said...

Saw the article and pictures in the Herald-Journal today! Congratulations on your beautiful new building!May God be praised and glorified through its use!!