Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Grandma-to-be and Tea!

Pam, Mama and I hosted a Grandma-to-be Tea on Saturday for Alice. We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of Alice's first grandchild, Mary Alice in late March. We enjoyed delicious food and hot tea at the Kingstree Eatery in Inman and the company was wonderful. It was a room full of great grandmas, grandmas and could feel the love!

Of course, there were two sweet little girls in attendance of their first tea! Just last year we celebrated the same way for their Mimi!Aunt Alice has been getting some great practice with these little angels!
Mary Alice, your cousins can't wait to meet you!Aunt Alice with Emma Bug!

Aunt Alice with Millesy Cat!

Mary Alice, we are counting the days and we can't wait to meet you!
You will be blessed to have a wonderful grandma...on both sides of your family!


Stacy said...

Aww that sounds like so much fun. I'm sure everyone will always remember that too!

~~MGF said...

I found your blog thru feedjit and would like to ask where you got the Carolina Girl/SC flag button for your blog.

I am a Carolina Girl (B'ville, SC)and presently live in Alabama. Would love to have it on my blog.

Thanks for any help.