Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday, Ben!

Twenty eight years ago, I borrowed Laurie's car, and went flying from Rock Hill to Spartanburg, so I could be there for the arrival of John Benjamin Graham, V. I found out there was no need to speed...Ben was taking his own time making his grand appearance! But he was definitely worth the wait. Months later, I lived with the Grahams to do my student teaching. My favorite part of the day was returning to their house after school each day and being greeted by a precious curly-headed little boy who came flying to the door in his walker. Here are three of a my many favorite memories of Ben...
*Seeing him watch Mousercise while laying on the couch eating his breakfast
*The know the one!
*Riding in his first car with him...the Jeep!

Things I love about Ben now...
*His smile and laugh
*The way he loves his little sister
*His courage...he just moved to a new city where he knew very few people to take a job he knew he would love.
*His quiet manner...he is a man of few words
*He loves babies and is really good with them.

The only thing I would change....his team affliation! ;)
Just teasing, I love you, Benbo, Tigers and all.
Happy 28th!
Looking forward to eating supper with you tonight!


Kim said...

whoa...whoa...whoa.... you are seriously not old enough to have been in college when a 28 year old was born!!! You must have been a genius! a 3 year old student teacher who could drive. Wow! I admire you all the more!! Seriously, though. You can't be that old!!

jkstrib said...

Oh, but yes I can! 50 is loooooming around the corner!