Friday, October 17, 2008

Take God at His Word....

I Timothy 4:12

God has proven this verse to me today through this:

God took the desire of a 4th grade boy who wanted his classmates to come to know Jesus as he does. This child endured an life changing, unimaginable tragedy in his own little life last year...the kind of tragedy which would bring the strongest of Christians to their knees. But, God gave him the vision to begin an FCA club at our school. He personally called Bill Owens, the FCA director for this area and set up an appointment with our principal and Mr. Owens. FCA started at the beginning of September. Attendance has grown steadily each week. Today, there were 140 students at FCA this morning! That's almost 1/2 of our student body. As you can tell from the pics, most are listening very intently. It gave me "Holy Ghost bumps" to sit there and look at some faces knowing Jesus is the ONLY chance they have in this world. God reaffirmed my calling here this morning. He has called me to LOVE on them every day.

Our speaker this morning was very special to me! Bucky is our awesome sr. high youth pastor at AMRBC, a very annointed young man. Bucky presented a great devotion on the rich young can't make Jesus and the world go's like trying to put a square peg in a round hole and then presented the plan of salvation. I am so thankful for our staff at AMRBC and I am proud of our youth ministers. Stephen, our middle school youth pastor who is another hero in the faith to me, is coming to speak to FCA on the 31st.

Bucky illustrating why he and skiing don't "fit"! I would like to have seen this one in person!

Pray for our students and the FCA. My prayer is God will use the willing heart of a now 5th grader to spark a revival in our school and community. I continue to be amazed and pray He will give me the heart of a child.


christa said...

I'm also sure that I have been placed by God at IIS! And you're right...we've got a whole lot of "loving" to do! I'm glad to be partnered with such Godly people on that mission field every day!

Rhonda said...

Love your new title!! :)

jkstrib said...

I feel the same way. IIS is a great place to be everyday. God is definitely at work. I thank Him each day for the opportunity and my coworkers!

Kelly said...

That is so wonderful! I'm so glad God is doing such great things over there!
I miss you guys!