Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another October Birthday is rolling around....

On Friday, my 3rd nephew Matt will celebrate his 26th birthday! Matt Matt was born during my first year of teaching. It was really hard to be in Sumter when there was a new baby boy in the family! Matt is now finishing up his last year in medical school. In March, he will make the BIG decision about where to do his residency. Please pray for him as he visits prospective hospitals in November and December. Matt is also great husband and Daddy on top of all the hard work and studying he has to do. I am very proud of you, Matt Matt. You have worked so hard over the past seven years to realize your dream of becoming a doctor. I pray the Lord will continue to guide you over the next few months as you decide on the next phase of this journey. We love you very much and I am proud to be your Aunt JuJu! Matt and Emma standing in front of Daddy's new truck!
Emma and Daddy sitting in his dream car...a shiny red Corvette!


Anonymous said...

My dear friend,

Congratulation on all the birthdays, but what I want to say is to YOU! Take care of yourself...I hope you're doing well today. I know you'll get good results from your tests, but know that I am praying for you.

I love you...and you know Big Man did, too. And in a special way, he is still with us.