Friday, July 25, 2008

Villa Rica

Have you even heard of Villa Rica, Georgia? I have to admit when I made the reservations I had not! It's a small and growing town about 45 minutes southwest of Atlanta. During our stay, we learned the town has 2 five star restaurants. Our budget would not allow us to visit, but they came highly recommended! What made our trip great was our own personal tour guide named Coral. She went to college in Villa Rica and her husband, Randy grew up in this area. She also owns a "little piece of Georgia". The Wyndham Resort pays her to rent this corner for their sign! SWEET!
She picked up her rent check while we were there! On Sunday we headed to Pine Mountain, GA. Such a quaint little town...Looking down Main Street....

The girls posing outside one the many stores we visited during the week.
(Notice the couple trying to avoid being in this picture!)
Time for ice cream! This was a cool little place with an old timey working soda fountain.
More later about our adventures on Sunday....I have too many pics to share in one post!


Rhonda said...

Sounds like fun! Girls' only trips are the best!!

Summer Martin said...

Looks like you girls had a great time!! Yes there will be lots of Disney pictures hopefully not only when we get back but maybe a live report daily while we are there. Keep looking:)