Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

On July 22, 1925, God created one of His most precious creations, my Daddy. In my eyes my Daddy can do no wrong. I will always be his little girl. Daddy knows how to love unconditionally. He is tall in stature, but more importantly he is a giant when it comes to character. You can always count on Daddy to give you great advice about what to do. He is sometimes a man of few words these days, but what he speaks, he means. I love to hear my Daddy pray. He talks in such a way you know he talks with the Lord often.
I have never doubted his love for me. Even in the times when I am sure he felt like killing me for one of my "moments", I knew nothing could change his love for me.
And he loves all of us like that...from the oldest child to the youngest great grandchild...he loves us all the same. I am so thankful that in God's divine plan He chose him to be my earthly Daddy.
He is my hero!
I love you, Daddy!


Joye said...

Thank for making me cry this morning! And, Happy late B-day Papa Strib! Love you!

Megie said...


Please give Daddy "Strib" a big hug and tell him Happy Birthday.

A wonderful, loving Daddy is a most precious gift from God. Cherish and treasure each moment you have.

I too am a Daddy's girl and I miss him so much.