Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day Three continued!

Highlights from Day Three!

  • Let me introduce our crew...Mr. Mike was our crew chief. Mike is a landscaper from Vero Beach, FL. He was so patient will all of his unskilled labor! Also from FL, were Tabitha & Caleb. Tabitha was a veteran to World Changers and missions. Caleb was a drummer and all around great young man. From AMRBC, were Sarah & David. I was so PROUD of them. They worked like trojans, had great attitudes and a heart for the Lord and the people we were serving. That brings me to our Tennessee boys...Big Ben, John & "Tyrone" aka Bradley. These guys were hilarious and hard workers. I enjoyed getting to know them throughout the week. Ben & Bradley are seniors in HS and are considering coming to the University of SC...of course, I assured them it was a very WISE decision! Ben is going to be the student body president of his high school. John is a sophmore & a drummer too! (God indeed has a sense of humor...He put me on a site with 4 drummers!) John's mom is serving in Iraq, so he is living with his sister and her husband. Pray for John's mom. Her name is Linda. Our translator, who was AWESOME, was a Puerto Rican college student named Cairis. She did a great job of tranlating my "Southern" conversation. She even told me I talked fast????
  • Also on our crew were Ishmael, Mary, Abner & Joshua who lived down the street from our site. They graciously opened their home to provide a bano! Ishmael is a math teacher who gives a month of his summer vacation every year to work World Changers in Puerto Rico. Mary is a stay at home mom whose house is immaculate. Abner is in the 9th grade and speaks English perfectly. Joshua is seven and an angel. They were such a blessing to us!
  • Day One on the site consisted of cutting holes in 2 X 4's to fit over the rebar to give us a board to nail the walls to...I know there are construction terms for all that, but you get the idea! The rebar looked like I put it in! Very crooked, so it took a long time and we only had one drill!
  • We also walked the neighborhood to speak with people and hopefully have the opportunity to share with them why we were there.
  • I met Maria, the neighbor who lived behind our site for the first time. She & her husband allowed us to use their electricity to run our power tools. She is originally from Hartford, Conn. Today was the first of many conversations we would share through the fence!
  • After a long day of working & evangelizing, we headed to El Frappe. Words cannot describe the delicious fruity concoction they created. I can still taste them!!!
  • We headed back to camp happy, tired and looking forward to the next day! Let's build a house!!!


Rhonda said...

Looks like lots of fun...and work! Hopefully soon I'll get to have my turn on a mission trip.