Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day Four!

Highlights from Day Four!

  • Today we worked a 1/2 day! Yea!
  • Sara praying with three women who were sitting on the street. After she finished, one lady was visibly upset and crying. She did not want to talk at that moment, but we went back several times during the week to share the gospel, but she was never outside again. Please pray someone will have the opportunity to water the seed Sara planted.
  • Another crew joined our site...Gina & Lankey came to work with us! Yea!
  • An afternoon at the beach....check out the next post for some pictures.
  • After the beach we went to the mall for supper & shopping...
  • After the mall, we went to the old downtown of Ponce for ice cream & souvenirs.
  • The best event of the day...participating in the Lord's Supper in a huge outside pavilion. It was a very meaningful time.
  • The "leisurely" walk back to the van. Bucky, next time I am the line leader! :)