Monday, May 5, 2008

What a great weekend!

The Broome High School Royal Regiment was once a HUGE part of my life. I ate, slept & dreamed about the "band" business. I began my career in Spartanburg Dist 3 at Cowpens Junior High School in 1984.
In addition to teaching at Cowpens I was the assistant at Broome HS. The first time I worked there for 9 years. I left to work full time at Cannons UMC. In 1995, the Lord led me back to now Cowpens Middle School until 1999. I have some great memories from these years and I think about my band buddies often. One thing about being in the band, the years may come and go, but the bond of a "band family" will last forever! The stories and memories we shared Saturday night brought much joy and laughter. I had a great time!

These are 2 of the directors I worked with...Lisa Kussmal, alias "Kuss", and Eddie Connolly. It was a such a pleasure to spend time with each of them and catch up. They both taught me so much and I count them as dear friends.

There were so many former students there also. It was wonderful to hear about what they were doing and see their children. The first class of seniors I taught at BHS are now 40 years old. OMG, I am ancient!

These are the alumni from the "Kussmaul" era.
These are the alumni from the "Connolly" era! Notice I am running my mouth! Imagine that!!!

Some of my favorite band memories....

  • talent night at band camp,
  • the night Eddie and I were making a lion costume for our Wizard of Oz show at 2 am and he tried it on and his dogs about attacked him! They had their teeth bared and were growling! It was hilarious.
  • Being on the ski lift at Sugar Mountain after midnight and one of our assistants started it. Why in the world would they leave the control room open?
  • The many trips on school buses. Sometimes it felt like I was born on that bus!!!
  • Seeing your students grow musically and become great people!
  • Being a part of a wonderful family...

I know some of you out there in blog world were part of a band. What's your favorite memory??


Jed said...

Goodness where would I start... It may be when I out on DiAndra's band pants by accident when we had to change on the bus... It may be when Lynlie's pants fell down on the field and she kicked them off and kept on marching... It may be when the announcer announcing my name for a solo stumbled over my last name and the whole crowd yelled "DEARYBURY."... It may be my senior year when we honored Mrs. Garrett by reenacting our 6th grade band concert... It may be when Ms. Manassas got a bee in her shirt at band camp and went streaking across the field... It may be me giving a pep talk to the band after losing to Byrnes for the humpteenth time and I was gonna say officers and it came out occifers... everyone went from tears to laughter... It may have been all the practicing, and hard work... GOSH I LOVED THE BAND!!!!!!!

Megie said...

I was in the chorus and the ensemble but, I do understand the "family" part. When you've gone to All-state and shared a room and seen your friends in their underwear, you just feel like family.

The funniest thing I remember was when our ensemble was performing for a local club meeting. In one part of our song we had a little dance routine. One of the second sopranos missed her cue,jumped out of line and, yelled "tah-dah" a measure early. Believe it or not the rest of us went on as if nothing had happened. We did however laugh hysterically after the program was over.

Ronnie was in the band at Boiling Springs and he has told me some stories too.

Those were great times and I truly miss those times and some of my friends. I still stay in touch with some of them.