Friday, May 2, 2008

Another Soldier's Coming Home

There are no words to describe adequately what we experienced on Wednesday. The traditions of the military brought so much dignity and honor to Uncle Clyde's funeral. He was truly honored as the hero he was. As you look around Arlington, it is hard not to feel overwhelmed at the sheer magnitude of the countless numbers who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms I enjoy today and ashamedly take for granted. I thought of this Janet Paschal song...

Another Soldier's Coming Home
His back is bent and weary, his voice is tired and low
His sword is worn from battle and his steps have gotten slow
But he used to walk on water, or it seemed that way to me
I know he moved some mountains and never left his knees

He faced the winds of sorrow, but his heart knew no retreat
He walked in narrow places, know Christ knew no defeat
But now his steps turn homeward, so much closer to the prize
He's sounding kinda homesick; there's a longing in his eyes

Strike up the band; assemble the choir:
Another soldier's coming home
Another warrior hears the call he's waited for so long
He'll battle no more because he's won his wars
Make sure heaven's table has room for at least one more
Sing a welcome song: another soldier's coming home