Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Saturday in the park...

On Saturday, John, Alice, Sally and I went to Columbia for a jewelry party and a picnic in the park. Ali's Mom, Cindy, sister Kelly(Kelly works at IIS!) and neice Caroline were at the party too, along with some of Ali's friends from church and school. The girls had a great time at Ali's jewelery party while the "menfolk" went to save a place at the park to picnic. Of course, I bought some bling because you know I don't have any! ;)

After the party we all went to the park and enjoyed some good food and lots of good fellowship. It was a beautiful day. Caroline and Eli, Ali's neice and nephew, were so sweet and good. Caroline even caught her first fish! They enjoyed the swings and the outdoors. There was even a wedding taking place in the next pavilion! It was a great time and a great way to spend a Saturday. Thanks Ali & Patrick!


kelly said...

I just showed Caroline the slide show and she said, "Oh look, there's Sally! Mom, were you there?" You can tell what she remembers!
Half the time it doesn't look like I'm "there" because I'm the one taking the pictures, but this time you caught one of me! :-)
We had a great time too!