Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Unexpected surprises....

I love little "prizes" God sends your way when you least expect them...

  • finding $5.00 in your jacket pocket a week from pay day...(that's what triggered this post!)
  • hearing from long, lost friends from your youth...this year will be the 30th anniversary of my HS graduation & I heard from someone I haven't seen since HS thru Facebook the other night...he was quite the wild one, but has been saved and is a deacon in his, huh?
  • getting an email about a reunion of the Broome High School Royal Regiment, where I served as an assistant band director for years! Can't wait to see all of them....
  • getting a card in the mail that encourages you for no reason
  • someone telling you they appreciate what you do for them
  • a spontaneous, full of love hug from a child
  • Booking a $704 flight to DC, finding out 6 hours later it had gone down to $324, and being able to cancel the first flight for $7 & saving almost $300 by booking again

Thank you, Lord for the little things in life that have made this tiresome day better!


Jed said...

Im glad you found that lost 5 dollar bill.. I bet he was lonely in that pocket all this time.. Who knows how long he has been there!!!!