Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You are a masterpiece!

Thanks to Andrea & Crystal for being so great about sending us pictures of our little angels. Here are some of the latest....

Anna Camille enjoying her rice cereal...yummy! Thanks for praying for her Daddy. His surgery went great and he is on the road to recovery!
Emma catching some rays this weekend.

Making sure we start them out young! Go Carolina!

Notice Emma has on orange. Her Mommy and cousin Ben are the Clemson fans in our family. We pray for them daily. ;)

The Bible says children are a gift from God. These two little gifts have brought so much joy and fun into our family! My heart is amazed at how God has chosen to bless our family. We praise You and thank You for sharing Your masterpieces with us.


Megie said...

Oh my goodness, they are adorable. They are really growing and I know that your family is so proud of them.