Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday, Jed!

Jed, my friend on the left reached a milestone in his life today....his 30th birthday!

Enjoy the next ten years, buddy...after that it all starts to go "south"! ;)

Here are some things I love about Jed:

  • He is passionate about what he does...teaching is not just a job to him.
  • He puts his whole heart into everything he does...
  • He understands what I am saying even when I don't say a's all in the look!
  • He plays with instrument with great feeling...his trumpet oozes worship!
  • He is a great uncle to his precious nieces and he loves his family.
  • He loves Jesus with all his heart.
  • He is hilarious and can then make you cry with some profound, deep thoughts!

Happy Birthday, friend!


Jed said...

Julie you are the sweetest in the wide world!!!! You are the first person in the wide world to blog about me... Love you bunches!!!

Megie said...

Ronnie and I remember Jed from Cowpens First. He has grown in so many ways. He's a very special person.