Monday, April 7, 2008

The Big Apple....

We left the "charming" Red Roof Inn in Charlotte around 5:30 am for our 6:55 flight. Check in was relatively easy, except for Alice...they made her go through more than once...must have been all the bling! ;)

Buying a Metro card....gotta move fast through the stall or it will say....TOO SLOW and make you pay again! We had several "misadventures" on the subway! The man with the plan for the NYC subway system was drunk when he planned it.

This was our first destination after arriving in NYC. We were on a mission for Coach, Prada, soon as we hit daylight, there were little Asian ladies asking..."purse, Coach, Prada, Chanel?" We followed one lady around the corner and then up some stairs and heard the click as she locked the door behind us! I only wish we had taken a picture of Pam's eyes! There were several "rooms" in this huge space...all filled with the knock offs. Sally and I scored Coach purses and I bought a Dolce & Gabana...

The Coach is in the bag!

After Canal Street we went to the Madame Toussaud's Wax Museum.
It was neat. Here's Sally with her pal Paris!
More pictures to come later. We had such a great time!