Monday, March 10, 2008

The latest favorite baby pictures...

Andrea and Crystal are so great about sending us weekly pics of the babies. It is so amazing to me how quickly they grow and change. I love to see them smile. We all have "smile envy"! It just makes your heart skip when they flash a sweet grin at you!

Check out this bright smile. This was taken of Emma at 6 am! JuJu needs to find out her secret, because I am NOT smiling at 6 am!

Anna Camille looks just like her Daddy did at this age. It is amazing how much she looks like Rob!

This is Anna Camille holding Grandad's hand. This one made me cry. I imagine in my mind's eye this is what it looks like when our Heavenly Father takes our hand.

Little Miss Emma is "filling" out. Look at those kissable cheeks!


Megie said...

These are so precious. You're so right, the babies just seem to grow up so quickly. Hug, love and kiss as much as you can. I especially love the picture of the hands. I do so cherish pictures taken of the kids with my Dad and Ronnie's Mom. They did so love those babies.