Thursday, August 30, 2007


I just have to tell you I didn't fall asleep last night until around 2:30 am because I was so worked up with excitement about choir practice! I had FUN. Thanks for working HARD! I appreciate your willingness to learn every week. YOU ARE THE BEST!

(ok, this was all i could find on google!)

We had 71 in choir practice last night! OMG!!!!! I love it. I am so excited about all the ministry opportunities we have coming up! God is SOOOOOOOO good. Have a great Thursday!!


Anonymous said...

Man.., 71 at choir practice?? That is awesome!! We will definately need more chairs which means another row!! I'm going to miss you guys when you go to Alabama but I will be praying. As much as I love you guys and the choir ministry you know my obligation is with my children and that's what we'll be doing while you guys are gone. I love my church and my choir family. You are the best. JuJu- we are the best because you have taught us to be. Thanks to you.

Love ya-

George Wright said...

Julie --

I hope you hear this often from other members at AMRBC, but I just have to say "Thank You". You really do a wonderful job, week in and week out. I really appreciate all you do for our music ministry!