Tuesday, August 28, 2007

AMRBC on Mission....

Do you recognize any of these folks? There are three of our choir members in this photo...Larry, Lois and Sally! This was taken during their mission trip to Mexico. They are singing Multiply Your Love!

I am looking forward to the November when I can post a picture of our choir and orchestra on mission in Alabama. I can't wait!!!!

Let's bathe our upcoming trip in prayer starting today. Ask God to do great things in and through us as we minister His Word through music.

Sunday was awesome...we had a full choir loft in both services. WOW! It makes such a difference when we have everyone there!!! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night. We have TONS of work to do between now and December. Come ready to work hard!!


Anonymous said...

Hey JuJu- The guy leading the group looks a lot like Charles Bullington!! This is a great picture.