Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hot, hot, hot.....

A list of things hot weather makes me thankful for....

1. My salvation...this is as hot as I will ever be!

2. Air conditioning...there's no way I would survive without it.

3. Counseling...if I wasn't a counselor I would be at band camp somewhere.

4. A cool refreshing drink of something cold.

5. Deodorant...enough said!

6. Custodians who don't complain about helping you move your stuff in the 100 degree heat.

7. Swimming pools...I want to do the Lipton Iced Tea plunge right now!

I am going to try to remember this day in January when I have ice hanging from my nose as I do car duty!


Jed said...

Its hot... boo hoo.... I feel so sorry for you Juju!

alison said...

You are right Juju.. It is so hot! :) Please pray for Patrick as he works in this heat! I don't know how he does it!!! :) Love ya!

KJA said...

It's not hot, It's HHHHHOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!!! Go by the church early tomorrow and turn on the A/C before practice. You will again be my hero!!!!!!

Loves Ya,

jkstrib said...

I will admit it...I am weak when it comes to air. I would be whining in the Philippines too! Now we can just have a tiny understanding of what you and Matt Matt live with all the time.