Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Man, am I tired. I enjoyed rehearsal tonight. We are making progress on our words and I am proud of you.

I hope you understand why I push you to be the best you can be....because I LOVE YOU. I love you more than I can express to you. You are my family. You are my brothers and sisters in Christ. We are ETERNALLY connected. Just think how happy our heavenly choir director is going to be when we all get to heaven and you can understand all the words the folks from AMRBC are saying! :)

Let me give you the biggest reason I push myself and you...Click on this link and read the verse below....go ahead, I'm on vacation....I can wait!

Our example for right living is our Lord and Savior. Whatever He did here on earth, He did with His whole heart in order to bring honor and glory to His Father. He obeyed even to the point of death...
Now, I am not asking you to give up your life for the choir, but I am asking you be committed with your whole heart and when you come to rehearsal you give it your ALL. We are part of something that is so much bigger than us. I'll leave you with one last thought...
He has blessed us beyond measure, but imagine what He would do if we became sold out to His calling? If we embraced His attitude in everything we do? It gives me goose bumps to think about it. He is calling us to great things THROUGH Him. It is SOOOOO much bigger than us! Are we ready and willing??