Thursday, July 12, 2007

Up, Up and Away!

Our Mexico missionaries are on their way! Please pray for traveling mercies today. I missed Larry and Barbara (I arrived at the airport @ 6:00am!) but stayed with Debby and Larry (Barbara's husband) to see the "big bird" ascend into the sky. Then I hung around and had the privilege to pray with Sally and Lois before they boarded.

As I was driving down 85 this morning, the Lord spoke this thought to me. They are going to do exactly what I did when I walked the earth. WOW! He calls us all to do that wherever we Mexico, the Philippines, Inman...we aren't on a flight to Mexico or serving in the Philippines, but we are where God has placed us for this day. Be Jesus to someone today.

Keep our missionaries & their families close to your heart. They need our prayers to complete the mission.