Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Prayers & Praise!

Please be in prayer for our Mexico Mission team members as they fly out tomorrow. I will be keeping you updated about prayer concerns during the week. Pray for safe travel and for their family members tomorrow.

  • Barbara Lancaster and Larry Cromer:
    7:00 AM – Delta 1222 – GSP to Atlanta 8:00 AM
    8:47 AM – Delta 1211 – Atlanta to San Antonio 10:05 AM
  • Sally Crain and Lois Spradlin:
    9:18 AM - Delta 6384 - GSP to Cincinnati 10:44 AM
    1:10 PM - Delta 5667 - Cincinnati to San Antonio 2:54 PM

  • Continue to pray for Steve and his family. He will be going to Charleston in the morning to meet with the oncologist. Joye has begun a 24 hr prayer chain for them. Email her if you would like to join.
  • Praise the Lord, Daddy is at home and at this moment enjoying a nap in "HIS" chair. This time two months ago, the drs were telling us to prepare ourselves for him to leave this earth, but God had a different plan. To quote a dear friend of mine...ain't He just good.
I look forward to seeing tonight or tomorrow night.
Love ya, mean it!