Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sunday is a great day!

Choir and orchestra, you did a great job today. Thanks for almost filling up the choir loft for both services. The special music was awesome. And how about David?? What a great way to start the service.

Here are some of Malorie's (Brenda's granddaughter) pictures from yesterday. She did a great job! I think she might a future in photography!

Here's one I took of my photographer and one of my favorite people...Matt Matt!

This is Matt's family.

Jed and his family.

Enjoying some last minutes together!

Leaving on a jet plane.

Matt Matt trying to leave on a jet plane...we pray it got better!!! Poor Matt Matt!

We love you and will be praying diligently for you!

Remember to also pray for Lois, Sally and Larry who leave next week for Mexico!


Brenda said...

Oh, Lawd, that grown up looking girl can't be my little Malorie! She had a wonderful time at the airport with some of her favorite people, Matt, Jed, Juju and Shirley. I love your Blog juju!!

jkstrib said...

Isn't she beautiful? You have a right to be proud, Mimi, because she is pretty on the inside too. We had a great time with her too.