Friday, June 22, 2007

God's Gift of Memory....

Today Mama, Pam, Alice and I went to visit Aunt Nell and Uncle Clyde (Mama's older brother). Aunt Nell had surgery last week and will be going to the oncologist on Monday to determine further treatment for her cancer. The past year has been very difficult for her and for Uncle Clyde as he cared for her.

We had a great time with them just sitting around talking and laughing about the good old days. God gave us a great gift when He gave us the capacity to remember the past. When times are hard, sometimes the best medicine is to look back, remember the good times and know there will be better days ahead. We talked alot about Gigi today, my grandmother. I don't think a day goes by without her coming to my heart and mind. I can hear her telling me things like..."Better to be single and wish you were married, than to be married and wish you weren't." or "Is that the Christian way to do it?" & listening to her talk to everyone she met about Jesus. One of her opening lines to a new friend was always, "Do you know my Lord?" In my eyes, she was a true giant of the faith.

Ali, Patrick's wife, ate lunch with us too. It was great to see her as well. After we left Uncle Clyde's house, Pam, Mama and I got to see Patrick and Ali's new house! It is beautiful!

Thank you, Lord for allowing us to remember the "good old days" and having a great day of laugher and fellowship with family. You are indeed good.